Are you a Compoholic?

(Definition: Someone who compulsively enters competitions of all different types.  They are known to enter up to 200 per day!)

Cash-strapped consumers are finding increasingly ingenious ways to get their hands on luxury items they could not otherwise afford - with some turning winning things into a full-time job. The craze, coined 'comping' by the hardcore addicts, has swept across the country with thousands of people logging on to websites to enter hundreds of competitions every day in the hope of winning a new car or their dream holiday. Some people have gone crazy, admitting to submitting up to 100 entries a day.

Their strategy is to win everything that they can and then sell the unwanted prizes for cash on websites like Gumtree!

Here’s some tips for improving your success:-

1. Set up a dedicated email address Get a spare gmail address to exclusively use for comping. It's good to have all your entries in one place and then you can keep an eye out for new ones.

2. Don't waste time filling in forms Signed up to a 'form filler' - a programme which automatically populates entry forms with your previously agreed information. This means you only have to impute your data once, saving you valuable time.

3. Keep an eye out for new competitions Register with competition experts like WINify to get all the latest news on available competitions.  Click this link to subscribe to our free newsletter: Sign up for FREE updates

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